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Setting him Straight
What Guzma’s dad would tell people is that Guzma ran away from home “without even a word”, that he tried set Guzma straight, but he was the one “who got beat”. He’d never tell the truth of what actually happened when his son left.
Guzma’s father was careful about the times he’d really let his son have it. Guzma returned home one evening to find that his mother was out with friends, leaving just him and his dad at home.
Almost the instant the door shut Guzma’s father approached him, roughly grabbing him by the hair and pulling him down so he could shout into his face, demanding to know where he’d been and what he’d been up to all day.
Guzma hadn’t been doing much in particular, mostly hanging out with Plumeria, but that in itself was a problem. He was young man easing into his twenties and going nowhere in life with no plan as to what he was going to do or even a job. With his dreams of becoming a Trial Captain crus
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Valentines in Alola
It was Valentines Day. All around Alola boys in relationships eager to get tokens of affection from their lovers while those who were not anxiously hoped a girl who’d caught their eye shared the sentiment and would confess their feelings along with a Valentine of some sort.
Blessed with androgynous good looks, Ilima was no stranger to be showered with gifts and being desired by individuals of both genders; Valentines Day just increased the volume.
Regardless of his feelings, he always made sure to thank the person for their gifts and seem appreciative. This year was no different, however there was one particular girl whom he hoped would come by to see him: The newcomer to Alola who’d deftly completed his trial with ease and had been such a little darling as well. He couldn’t help but be taken with her.
It quickly dawned on him that spending time at his usual spots may not be the best places to wait for her as more and more girls kept showing up with their gifts to pre
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Guzma's Second Chance
Moon was more than a bit confused about how Guzma felt about her. Initially they’d started out as what could be considered enemies. She, a little eleven-year-old girl, had stood up against the young man and defeated him and his entire gang. It had been simultaneously humiliating and infuriating experience for him.
However, after besting the Elite Four and Kukui, Moon had realized she’d met his parents. Upon visiting his house she learned he’d spoken to his mother about her, even asking that she give Moon a TM of his favorite move. On the way out of his room she ran into Guzma himself and was promptly asked to meet for a battle. Guzma took his inevitable defeat slightly better and gifted her his lucky charm while swearing to stay the same. The thing was, just this gesture alone proved that he was lying, showed he had kind side, and Moon would treasure what he’d given her forever.
Being Alola’s Champion made it obvious Moon was a strong trainer. She continue
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What Guzma’s dad would tell people is that Guzma ran away from home “without even a word”, that he tried set Guzma straight, but he was the one “who got beat”. He’d never tell the truth of what actually happened when his son left.

Guzma’s father was careful about the times he’d really let his son have it. Guzma returned home one evening to find that his mother was out with friends, leaving just him and his dad at home.

Almost the instant the door shut Guzma’s father approached him, roughly grabbing him by the hair and pulling him down so he could shout into his face, demanding to know where he’d been and what he’d been up to all day.

Guzma hadn’t been doing much in particular, mostly hanging out with Plumeria, but that in itself was a problem. He was young man easing into his twenties and going nowhere in life with no plan as to what he was going to do or even a job. With his dreams of becoming a Trial Captain crushed Guzma had been wandering around aimlessly ever since.

It was about time that came to an end.

“Guzma, what is WRONG with you?! Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is for your mother and I?!” he vented. “Our only child is a complete failure who will never amount to anything!”

He struck Guzma hard in the face, keeping a tight hold on his hair so his son had no choice but to stay put, closing his eyes and grimacing when he was hit again. Guzma could feel a warmth trickling down cheek, knowing that blood had been drawn. It certainly wasn’t the first time, but when his father got this bad he knew it was only going to get worse from here.

“You’re never going to get anywhere training those bugs. I gave you a chance, let you go out on that Island Challenge, and look where it got you. You came home crying because you weren’t good enough. You haven’t done a damn thing since then and- ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME BOY?!” He roared when Guzma seemed to be looking elsewhere, droplets of his spittle landing on his face.

His father pulled his arm back for another punch which was when Guzma caught him completely off guard by giving him a hard shove, making him lose his balance and grip on his son as he staggered back, bumping into the wall.

For a moment Guzma and his father stared at each other in complete and total shock. Guzma looked at his hands for a moment and that’s when it suddenly dawned on him: He was bigger and stronger than his father. He could fight back. He wasn’t the little boy who cowered and cried in corner anymore when his father got angry. His father had to actually pull him down in order to carry out his usual screaming sessions; he didn’t tower over him anymore.

With this realization Guzma’s fear melted immediately into anger. All these years of verbal and physical abuse that he’d endured, that no one would ever listen to and believe him that was happening. It would stop now.

Guzma noticed his father looking at his golf clubs in corner, as if debating if he should make a run for them. Oh yes, those tools that served a more sinister purpose of terrifying his son when he’d threaten him with them, at certain points even bringing them down on his poor son’s body.

“Ya want yer clubs?” Guzma fumed, pure hatred in his eyes. “I’ll get ya yer clubs…”

Guzma stormed over to golf bag, taking out one of the already decrepit from misuse clubs and swiftly bringing the shaft down on his knee to bend it. He threw it aside and brought out another, his dad’s eyes widening in horror when Guzma advanced on him with it.

“HERE’S YER CLUB!” Guzma bellowed, his father bowing his head and covering it with his arms as Guzma swung it as hard has he could, smashing it into the wall directly above him, plaster raining down on his head.

Guzma let go when the toe of the club went through making a hole. He was shaking with rage, his face red and sweating, but he wasn’t done yet. He gripped his father’s collar and at last gave him a solid punch to the face that he felt was well overdue, knocking the man out instantly. It was simple to take out his aggression on a little boy, but picking on someone his own size… That wasn’t so easy for his dad.

Guzma shook out his hand, knuckles throbbing from the strike. He’d been letting his emotions get the better of him, but now the gravity of the situation was setting in. What was going to happen when his father woke up? Obviously nothing good for him. Guzma always knew he had to get himself out of this situation, but he’d intended to have at least an idea of what he’d do.

With his face bruised and battered would Hala finally listen to him now? Understand he wasn’t exaggerating? Guzma shook his head. He’d given up on the old man awhile ago. No one was going to help him, except for… Plumeria!

Her dad should be passed out from the booze around this time. Guzma fled his house at once for hers, Plumeria gasping when she answered the door and saw what state he was in. As she helped tend to his wounds and clean him up Guzma told her what had happened. She listened silently to him, staying quiet for a long while after he had finished.

Although no one was putting their hands on her, Plumeria wasn’t in an ideal situation either. Her mother had taken off years ago leaving her with her alcoholic father who spent most of his days in a drunken stupor. They’d been talking how much they wanted out, to leave and set off on their own to build new lives, and yet they’d lingered out of fear and uncertainty. It seemed now was the time, however. After patching Guzma up the best she could the two gathered a few things and at last were on their way.

It was hard at first. With very little money the two got by challenging other trainers to battle, hoping they’d picked one that was carrying a fair amount of money that wouldn‘t be strong enough to beat them, and sleeping in Pokemon Centers at night.

It didn’t take them long to find others like them who weren’t able to finish the Island Challenge. Hopeless, dejected teenagers who felt they didn’t have a place with anyone and zero self esteem. More and more banded together until they had quite the group, enough to take over Po Town and claim it as their own.

However, with greater numbers meant more mouths to feed. Guzma and Plumeria were skilled as trainers, but their underlings not so much. They committed a few small successful crimes here and there to get extra cash, which was quickly spent to take care of everyone.

Then SHE arrived.

No one could really say just how Lusamine had come to set her sights on Team Skull, Guzma in particular. The likely answer was that she heard of the trouble they were causing, or she could have been somehow keeping an eye on Gladion closer than he realized once he’d left.

Thanks to his standoffish personality Gladion didn’t exactly fit in with Team Skull, but was always welcome and considered to be one of them by Guzma, even if the Grunts didn’t share this sentiment. Considering his age Guzma was greatly impressed by how top notch Gladion was as a trainer and to have the guts to try and make it on his own.

Lusamine wasn’t at all what Guzma expecting, knowing full well she was Gladion’s mother. She was drop dead gorgeous, a snazzy dresser, and… The kindest adult he’d ever met in his life.

She’d heard that Team Skull wasn’t doing so well financially and wanted to help. All she wanted in return was for them to provide any needed mussel from time to time should she need it. Guzma was so strong and capable of a trainer she knew she couldn’t rely on anyone else.

Guzma had been flattered, blushing a little, but quickly switching back into his confident façade, grinning and crossing his arms. They were so hard up on cash “No” wasn’t even an option, and this sounded easy.

Plumeria didn’t like Lusamine from the start. “Did you notice that creepy smile she had?” she asked Guzma after the Aether foundation’s president had left.

Guzma had been oblivious, too busy thinking about how much she’d complimented him. He completely dismissed Plumeria’s opinion, insisting this was the big break that they all needed.

Guzma and Lusamine stayed in close contact, he not hesitating to visit her whenever it was time for her to write out another check. She’d invite him to stay for awhile and chat, giving a big meal while he was there and trying over and over again to convince him to wear some nicer clothes. If it weren’t for the fear of Plumeria or the Grunts thinking he would look stupid, Guzma most likely would have put on whatever she wanted him to.

“Guzma, whatever’s the matter?”

Long into their partnership Guzma had yet to disappoint her, succeeding in even finding and delivering her daughter back to her along with the Cosmog she’d taken. It wouldn’t be long before they’d be able to at last open a wormhole to Ultra Beasts’ world, and yet he was visibly upset. She couldn’t have this now, not when she needed him more than ever.

The two of them were now in private while Cosmog was undergoing the stress that it would need to use its power, Guzma sitting across from her with fists clenched and teeth bared at the table he sat at, not even touching the Tapu Cocoa she’d gotten for him.

“It’s that kid…” Guzma grumbled. “She beat me again…”

“That won’t matter!” Lusamine assured cheerfully. “Soon we’ll have our own beautiful Ultra Beasts and she won’t stand a chance! You were only meant to stall her anyway. Knowing my son you’ll likely get another chance to battle her before we depart and you’re adequately prepared this time, correct?”

“Hmph…” Guzma wasn’t so sure. That kid was raising one heck of a team.

“Guzma…” Lusamine got up and crossed over to behind his back, feeling Guzma stiffen up at once when she wrapped her arms gently around him, resting her arms on his chest. “My dear boy… Everything will OK. You’ve done everything I’ve asked you, so there’s no reason why it won’t.”

Her voice was so soothing, so… Motherly. Guzma relaxed and enjoyed the affection he’d been starved for.

“My sweet Guzma…” She continued. “Such a good boy. I poured all my love into raising my children and look what happened. Gladion ran away and Lillie stole from me. All I ever did was try to be the best mother I could, especially after what happened to their father. They didn’t deserve it but you do, don’t you?”

“Y-yes, ma’am.” Around Lusamine Guzma did his best to try and speak properly and respectfully. She was a woman of much higher class than him and he still felt at times unworthy to be in her presence.

For her to treat him like this now… Gladion and Lillie were a bunch of spoiled brats. How could they ever think once of leaving Lusamine’s side? They may have lost their father, but she’d lost her husband too. They were all she had.

Maybe she had smothered them a bit, but it was understandable. Lusamine was the sort of person who wanted to protect and keep close the things most precious to her. Now, Guzma was one of them, and he’d do his best to keep it that way.

That’s why it hurt. It hurt so damn much when they’d entered the wormhole and it was like he’d never existed. All Lusamine seemed to care about was the Nihilego.

“I don’t care if you were loyal to me or not!”

All this woman truly cared about were her own selfish desires. Guzma understood now what drove Lillie and Gladion to do what they did. He was fool. All this woman had to do was simply take advantage of Guzma looking for adult approval.

In the end Guzma was left humiliated, needing to be rescued by the brat who’d beaten him three times, and returned home feeling lower than dirt. He shrugged off, even got mad at, the warm reception he received upon returning to Shady House.

The cheers, the adoration, even tears being shed to see him again… He didn’t deserve it. He stormed into his room and slammed the door shut, leaving everyone completely baffled over what had happened. The Grunts came to the consensus Guzma had just had a real rough time in that wormhole, needed a good rest, and would be his usual self the next day.

Plumeria knew better. This wasn’t the typical “Guzma Grouchiness”.

She knew it was bad, but Plumeria had never guess it was “disbanding Team Skull” bad. It made sense since they lot their funding, but what upset her is that Guzma didn’t even want to try to figure out something, he just wanted to quit. They’d worked so hard to escape their previous lives and now he was actually suggesting they might have to go back home? She to cleaning up her father’s vomit and he back to his father’s constant abuse? How could he possibly be so defeated and desperate to return to that?

With or without Team Skull Plumeria wasn’t going home and that was where they parted ways. Plumeria was scared… It was the first time Guzma didn’t have her back, but at least a few Grunts who truly saw her as their “Big Sis” were sticking with her. On her own she’d better her place in life and come back for Guzma. She only hoped he could hold on until then.

Returning to his house on Route 2 only added more to the worst moment of Guzma’s life. This was like failing the Island Challenge all over again and returning home with nothing to show for it. He was ashamed, his limbs feeling like led as he barely managed to turn the knob and enter.

His mother was home; at least there was that. She ran to him with hugs and kisses, saying how much she missed him. It should have been nice, but Guzma didn’t feel much of anything. As usual his mother refused to face reality, telling him “I don’t believe for a second what folks have been saying! You would never do anything bad and I know you and your father can forgive one another and get past what happened when you left.”

No… He couldn’t start this all over again, but… It was hopeless.

Then, she came, and Guzma learned that not all angels have wings.

On a downed tree in the woods the two of them sat and Guzma told her everything, finally admitting it was these events that were plaguing his dreams and preventing him from sleeping. The dark circles around his eyes weren’t from eye shadow anymore. Moon had known something wasn’t quite right at his home, but not quite the extent. Lusamine obviously had a few screws loose, even before the Ultra Beast’s poison, but there was no excuse for what she did to Guzma. Moon could feel herself angry thinking about it.

Moon embraced him and Guzma hugged her back, squeezing her a bit too hard, but she said nothing. Guzma was in good hands now. Hala, Kukui, Plumeria, and so many other people knew that he wasn’t really a bad person. No was ever going to hurt him again now they were back in his life.

Guzma wouldn’t have anything more to sleep over and she’d help him to put the past behind him. Moon silently swore it.
Setting him Straight
Guzma hasn't able to sleep at night with memories of the past plaguing him. When Moon takes notice Guzma admits to a childhood of abuse and how there was a lot more to his partnership to Lusamine than meets the eye.
It was Valentines Day. All around Alola boys in relationships eager to get tokens of affection from their lovers while those who were not anxiously hoped a girl who’d caught their eye shared the sentiment and would confess their feelings along with a Valentine of some sort.

Blessed with androgynous good looks, Ilima was no stranger to be showered with gifts and being desired by individuals of both genders; Valentines Day just increased the volume.

Regardless of his feelings, he always made sure to thank the person for their gifts and seem appreciative. This year was no different, however there was one particular girl whom he hoped would come by to see him: The newcomer to Alola who’d deftly completed his trial with ease and had been such a little darling as well. He couldn’t help but be taken with her.

It quickly dawned on him that spending time at his usual spots may not be the best places to wait for her as more and more girls kept showing up with their gifts to present him. If she were to see that no doubt she’d become discouraged and might even decide not risk giving him anything with so much competition.

With this in mind Ilima waited until at last the crowds died down and tried to figure out the best place on Melemele to keep an eye out for her.

Constantly walking around shirtless, with a well toned body combined with his dancing skills, of course earned Kiawe plenty of admirers. To this he was rather oblivious, often not even realizing it was Valentines when it came around, but this year he was hoping to be thought of by the trainer who had lit a fire in his heart.

So observant to any changes in his carefully choreographed dances and kind enough to give him the heart pounding battle he needed after losing his job. To get anything from her would make this the perfect Valentines day indeed.

It occurred to Kiawe spending the majority of his time around a volcano was not an ideal spot to be given any candy; surely it would melt before he even laid eyes on it! He’d make it easier by waiting and wishing in a much more convenient location.

Having always been shy and keeping to himself, Sophocles wasn’t exactly the sort who garnered any attention on day where confessions of affection were shared. He much preferred to tinker with his gadgets, but this year his mind drifted to thoughts of a trainer whose presence was electrifying every time he was lucky enough to see her.

Molayne couldn’t help noticing his cousin looking so lost in thought, at last getting him to bashfully admit what he was kept thinking about that day. With assurance from the person he treasured most in his life that any girl would be lucky to have him, Sophocles dared to venture outside and make himself better available should he be her guy of choice.

A big hit with the older ladies for being so adorable, Hau’s infectious cheerfulness and all around kind personality still earned him a few female fans around his age. While Lillie was very pretty, and he wanted so badly to be able to protect and take care of her when she was in Alola, he felt closer than ever to his Island Trial friend.

They’d gone through a lot together, toughing out the extra messes they’d been thrown into. Despite being rivals, he still was the weaker of the two, but Hau never felt discouraged nor resentful because of it. He liked having someone his age to admire, look up to, and hoped be as strong as one day.

She never once threw it in his face that she was the Champion or had yet to be defeated by him in Pokemon battles. She treated him as her equal and did all she could to encourage him to keep up his training.

To top it off… Hau had to admit that she was pretty cute. Maybe, just maybe, she liked him a bit more than she let on and she’d let him know today? Hoping for the best, Hau left his house.

With his whole “bad boy” appearance Gladion’s appearance both attracted and intimidated. Most saw his whole angry looking brooding teenager persona instead of that angelic smile that he hid from most people that displayed his true nature.

Although plenty of girls swooned over him, none were brave enough to venture out to Aether Paradise to get better acquainted with him. He was still spending most of his days there making sure they were a legitimate organization with only the best intentions in mind to care for Pokemon, all the while taking care of his mother and doing what he could to aide in her recovery.

Being so busy he didn’t realize what today was initially until he was wished a “Happy Valentines Day!” by Professor Wicke, who’d taken the time to put up a few decorations for the occasion and asked if he had a special little someone.

Gladion had shook his head. Not yet, but… He couldn’t help thinking of the trainer who’d been so strong and brave to help both he and his sister out despite barely knowing them. She forgave instantly how rude he’d been to her in the beginning, only getting upset when he’d said “I know we aren’t friends” and being quick to tell him that wasn’t true.

She really was quite the amazing person. He wouldn’t have given her a Type: Null, after all, if that weren’t case. She’d raised it was just as much care and affection as he would have, getting it to evolve into a Silvally.
He’d never admit it to anyone, but… He wouldn’t mind at all experiencing that level of doting for himself.

Even if she knew where to find him Aether Paradise was a huge building, and she had mentioned she was worried she bothered him by disrupting his work, so Gladion took his leave for the day to venture to a place where he’d be much more approachable.

It was a bit of a surprise to all of the young men when they would up running into each other in Hau'oli City. The cluster of Trail Captains and two distinct trainers really stood out amongst the crowd, the group awkwardly trying to not make eye contact while each wanted to ask each other the same question.

Ilima’s fans still managed to locate him and present them with their gifts, he straining at this point to keep a convincing smile and take them. He really was getting weighed down at this point. He had enough candy to last him the whole years, surely enough cards to fill an entire dresser, and a ridiculous amount of stuffed Poke Dolls holding hearts.

Before any of them worked up the nerve to ask the question they couldn’t help noticing Guzma strolling towards them, breaking off pieces of a large white chocolate heart with bits of chocolate in it to munch on.

“Guzma!” Hau called, making the tall young man come over to them. “YOU got chocolate from a girl?!” he asked in amazement.

Guzma didn’t appreciate the disbelief in Hau’s voice or in the looks of the other boys faces as they stared at him, putting him into a sour mood at once. He knew just how to get his quick revenge, though.

“Yeah,” he answered irritably. “From Moon. She asked me to be her Valentine this year. Wasn’t gonna say “no” to free chocolate.”

That morning…

Initially Guzma wasn’t too pleased to be woken up so early and dragged outside to speak in private to Moon. She was always ridiculously perky and it made him feel even more tired to see her spunky as ever while he glowered down at her with half lidded eyes and a frown.

“So what do ya want?” Guzma asked through a yawn.

“Don’t you know what today is?” Moon asked, Guzma noticing as he was waking up a bit more she was holding something behind her back.

“Tuesday?” Guzma had no idea, nor did he really care, scratching an itch under his arm. He hoped she’d get to the point fast so he could get back into bed; he’d hang out with her later if that’s what she wanted.

“It’s Valentines Day, silly!”


“Soooo…” Moon blushed a little, bringing her hands in front to display a purple envelope and a large heart wrapped in foil. “Will you be my Valentine, Guzma?”

Guzma froze, looking at her in surprise. This kid still managed to say and do things that were completely unexpected and he had no idea how to react to. “Me…? Why…?” Really, him? Of all people?

Moon nodded. “I don’t have a boyfriend, so I figured I’d just give this to a really special guy in my life. I wanted to make sure I’d be the first to give you something, though.” Oblivious to how much Guzma still scared people, still not being on the best terms with Plumeria over what had happened, and how his former Grunts viewed him as being far too good for them, she had no idea she had zero competition. “You’re the best, Guzma, and I’m really happy that we got to friends and you don’t dislike me over anything.”

Guzma smirked. He should be the one saying that to her. “Yeah… Sure… I’ll be yer Valentine.”

“Yay!” A delighted smile lit up Moon’s face as Guzma accepted her card and candy.

Guzma opened up the envelop to get a look at card inside, unable to stop himself from chortling over the message she’d written: Wanna see what your Valentine looks like? Here it is in human form- it’s your girl Moon!

“Good thing ya don’t have a guy right now; yer terrible at writin’ messages,” he teased.

“Mean!” Moon stuck out her tongue; she thought she was being clever. “You’re lucky no one likes me or I’d take it right back!’

“Ya know that ain’t true. Ya should give some guy your age somethin’ too.”

“Huh?” Moon looked at him quizzically. “I really don’t! I’m not elegant like Lillie, cool like Pluermia, or nearly as cute as Lana, Acerola, or Hapu! Even the adults are all so pretty! I’ll never look like Olivia and Professor Wicke-”

Guzma felt his face redden. Was Moon really going to point out one of Wicke‘s most defining features…?

“-looks amazing in glasses! I… I’m just me,” she sulked.

“C’mon, yer plenty cute for your age!” Guzma felt awkward saying such things but hated to see Moon actually looking sad. “I’m sure ya got more admirers than ya know that‘d want to get candy from ya. ‘sides, looks ain’t everything! Ya’ve got more good traits than ya give yourself credit for.”

Moon… Likes…

Older guys?

Tall guys?

Bleached hair?

Tough guys?

Bad fashion sense?

All five of the boys were left with their own ideas and speculations over why in the world Guzma had been Moon’s choice over any of them. Gladion was clutching his right wrist and clenching his teeth, poor Sophocles was so disappointed his shoulders were slumped as he looked down at the ground, Ilima looked about to faint, and the others were equally puzzled.

If Hau hadn’t blown it by ticking off Guzma and encouraging the others to act the same, chances were the former Team Skull Boss might have elaborated a bit more on exactly what had happened. For now he was relishing the reactions and would leave it up to them to figure it out on their own.

“Better luck next year.” Guzma grinned, taking a big bite out of the heart in front of him before he continued on his way.

Completely dejected, all five of the boys slumped home. Their bad moods didn’t last long, however, when each was greeted by either a family member or helper that presented them each with a small bag of friendship chocolates Moon had left to give them. She’d thought about what Guzma said and decided to turn it into a day where she hoped she could spread a little happiness to her male friends, planning to do the same with her female ones on White Day. She may not have anyone yet she wanted to be her significant other, but she had plenty of friends who deserved to know they were special.

“…What do you have in your mouth?” Nanu suddenly became aware that his Persian was chewing at something that she had brought in from outside.

At first the cat was reluctant to give it up, Nanu distracting her with a toy before he quickly slipped it out of her paws. She’d shredded it quite a bit, but he could just make out the sender’s name and message: I hope you have a puuurrrrfect day this Valentines!

With no one but Persian and the Meowths around, Nanu smirked. Moon had managed to bring a little bit of joy to even the more sullen and bitter individuals she knew.
Valentines in Alola
Many of the boys Moon encountered during her adventures wonder who she'll be giving chocolate to this year, hoping it will be them. Just who will Moon's choice be...?
Moon was more than a bit confused about how Guzma felt about her. Initially they’d started out as what could be considered enemies. She, a little eleven-year-old girl, had stood up against the young man and defeated him and his entire gang. It had been simultaneously humiliating and infuriating experience for him.

However, after besting the Elite Four and Kukui, Moon had realized she’d met his parents. Upon visiting his house she learned he’d spoken to his mother about her, even asking that she give Moon a TM of his favorite move. On the way out of his room she ran into Guzma himself and was promptly asked to meet for a battle. Guzma took his inevitable defeat slightly better and gifted her his lucky charm while swearing to stay the same. The thing was, just this gesture alone proved that he was lying, showed he had kind side, and Moon would treasure what he’d given her forever.

Being Alola’s Champion made it obvious Moon was a strong trainer. She continued to keep her team fighting fit to protect her title and was a forced to be reckoned with at the Battle Tree. The option for team battles allowed her to fight alongside friends and acquaintances, which was when she decided to see just what Guzma would think of being on the same side for a change.

Moon was shocked when Guzma was actually excited. He’d never voice it out loud, but he greatly admired her strength and was certain that the two of them would be able to beat down anyone unlucky enough set up to face them.

Indeed this was the case, Guzma gloating that they could have defeated their opponents with their eyes closed, a giant grin on his face. Moon smiled back and held up her hand, thrilled with Guzma actually high-fived her… A little too hard, making her wince and rub her wrist. The pain was soon negated from seeing him so chipper for once.

“Can we battle together again sometime?” Moon asked hopefully.

“Heck yeah!” Guzma whooped enthusiastically; he’d genuinely had fun.

“Your training with Hala is really paying off!”

Guzma shrugged dismissively. “I guess… Well, see ya around!” He gave her a small wave before sticking his hands in his pockets and walking off, slouching as usual.

“Oh…” Moon hadn’t expected him to leave so soon. She wouldn’t allow herself to feel sad, reminding herself she could just invite him again; then she could try and keep him around longer. Ever since she learned about his home life she’d been hoping to get to know Guzma a little better and perhaps even be able to consider him a friend.

Anytime Moon asked him Guzma never turned her down, showing up to battle at her side promptly. Indeed he did begin to stay longer after to chat and even started to seem more amiable, at one point letting Moon brush the sand out of his hair when an opponent’s Pokemon whipped up a fierce sandstorm. Moon had somehow managed to only get her shirt bit dirty, but he’d wound up with sand even in his ears.

He was so tall, and she so little, that Guzma had squat down like he did in battle for Moon to be able to reach his head. He stayed still while she hummed happily to herself and cared for Guzma just like she would have one of her Pokemon. His hair reminded her of a Lycanroc’s fur, but she decided to keep this to herself. She wondered what he’d look like without so much product in it and as its natural color.

What Moon didn’t realize as she carefully combed out the snarls and tangles while dealing with the sand is how much this showed Guzma was comfortable around her. His dad’s favorite form of abuse had been to grip him by the hair and shout in face whenever he was displeased with him until Guzma was too tall to do so. He’d done it long enough for the habit to stick, Guzma doing it himself these days. Normally if anyone even looked like they were going to touch his head they’d wind up with a nearly broken hand.

“I think I got it all!” Moon announced as she stepped back to look him over, leaving his hair considerably more tidier than usual.

“Thanks.” Guzma stood back up. “You been askin’ me here a lot… No one else good enough? What about that Hau?”

“I hang out with Hau all the time when he‘s around! It’s just…” Moon wasn’t sure how Guzma would take her answer. “I’m not sure how else to spend time with you.”

There was a long pause as Moon looked up at Guzma, he avoiding eye contact with her. He was completely taken aback with no clue how to respond. This kid actually wanted him around?

“Do you want to go get something to eat?” Moon asked. “My treat!”

Guzma shook his head. This was already too awkward. “Nah…”

“Then… Then… Do you want to come by my house sometime? My mom’s cooking is really good! Guzma!” She wrapped both her arms around his and held tight when she saw him turning to leave. “Please!”

“Let go!” Annoyed, Guzma swiftly swung his arm upwards, Moon dangling from it in the air.

“You’re really strong!” Moon praised with a smile, giggling.

“Yer makin’ me mad!” Guzma wasn’t playing around, his temper flaring. “I swear I’ll-” Guzma shook his arm, not expecting Moon to so quickly lose her grip and be flung to the stone floor in front of them.

Moon landed roughly, skinning her knees from the impact. She winced as she turned over to sit and look at them, a small trickle of blood flowing from the right. “O-ow…”

“I-I…” Guzma could feel the piercing stares of hatred from the staff and other trainers who there on his back. He instinctively grabbed fist-fulls of his hair, his mind screaming out his all too frequent catchphrase when he screwed up.

Moon forced a smile. “It’s OK! It isn’t bad!” She quickly got to her feet upon seeing Guzma look so upset. “See! I-”

Guzma turned and fled. She was lying; she was hurt. He’d threatened so many time to beat her down when they’d initially met but he’d never actually done anything like that to a girl before, only occasionally yelling at the female Grunts while the males would sometimes get his fists if they screwed up badly enough. All he wanted to do now was best Moon in a Pokemon battle one day; not leave her bloodied.

He should have stayed; should have helped her up. Guzma just couldn’t fight that impulse to run when things got bad. He was bettering himself under Hala’s mentorship, becoming a respected trainer, and Moon considered him her main battling partner… He didn’t want to throw that way.

Guzma stopped when he was a good distance away and looked back. He was alone now. It wasn’t too late to return with his tail between his legs. He thought it over and decided it would be best to try and fix this when there weren’t other people around Moon.

…What in the world was he doing? He’d found out Moon lived rather close to his parents’ house and Guzma had been walking down the road past it for a few days now, thinking about knocking on the door.

Ever since he disbanded Team Skull Guzma hadn’t been able to be around any of the kids he recognized as being his former Grunts and not even Plumeria. She hadn’t taken the news well, sad she’d lose all the new little brothers and sisters she suddenly had, and he couldn’t take seeing her sad face again. She was a tough girl; that’s why he’d made her an Administrator, but she’d looked about to cry upon wondering what she’d do now.

Last he heard she was really taking being a trainer seriously, finally getting a Z-Ring, and he hoped that she was doing well.

Lost in his thoughts Guzma walked right past Moon’s house and kept going. Oh well. Maybe another day.

“Meowth? What is it?” Moon’s mother noticed her pet on the windowsill, focused on something outside.

“Mrrra!” Meowth had noticed Guzma developed a routine of what time he’d come around and liked to watch him, looking up at his owner when she leaned over him to see what had caught his attention.

Once again Guzma was going to just pass by. The more he thought about it, the more it seemed dumb to apologize now when he never had before and want to hang out with a little kid, even if she was a hotshot with Pokemon and really wasn’t all that bad for someone her age. This would be the last time; from now on-


Guzma jumped when he turned to see Sun’s mother hurrying down the steps, a big smile on her face. Before he could even think about running off she was beside him and looping her arms around one of his.

“You must be Guzma!” she realized at once from the description her daughter had given her. “Moon has told me so much about you! She’ll be so glad to see you’ve dropped by to visit!”

“That ain’t it!” Guzma insisted. “I- Hey!”

This lady was stronger than she looked as she tugged him back to the house with her, ignoring his protests. If he wanted to he could’ve broken free of her grip, but what had happened with Moon quickly ebbed any thoughts of that and he simply allowed her to take him inside.

“Moon!” her mother called. “Guzma came to see you!”


Moon came bounding out of her room, eyes lighting up to see him. Guzma immediately noticed the Band-Aids on her knees, quickly making him feel wrought with guilt.

“You… OK?” Guzma asked.

“Mmm-hmm! Honest!” Moon held up her hand and started listing various injuries she’d gotten while tapping her fingers. “I got a lot of cuts, scrapes, a Spinarak bit me, a Sandalit set my bag on fire, a Gengar licked me and I couldn‘t move until Acerola got me a Paralyze Heal, and Nanu’s Persian almost crushed me when it sat me during my Trials! This isn’t bad!”

Guzma smirked. “Tougher than you look, eh?” he asked while Moon’s mother tried her hardest not to imagine any of those things happening to her daughter; maybe it was best if she relaxed inside the house for awhile.

Moon grinned back. “Guzma, are you any good at video games? I’m stuck on a final boss right now.”

“I’m a‘ight,” Guzma answered as he followed Moon to her room, her mother smiling as she watched them. “Oh, this game,” he said, recognizing a popular RPG even from the pause screen. “Surprised ya got this one; I figured you’d play those stupid datin’ games.” He remembered seeing a group of female Grunts giggling over one at Shady House.

“Nope! Not me!” While Guzma was distracted Moon very swiftly kicked the case for Pretty Princess Priscilla 4: Protect the Princes in Peril! under her bed without him noticing.

The two sat down on the floor together side by side, Guzma completely dwarfing Moon. He unpaused the game and took a shot at it himself, stunned by how much damage the party Moon had was taking. After being completely annihilated by the boss within minutes he took a moment to fully check out the equipment, stats, and levels of all of Moon’s characters.

“How’n the heck did ya make it this far?! Did ya grind at all?! Did ya do any side quests?!” Guzma was baffled.

“I really wanted to see how it was going to end so I kind of skipped that stuff…” Moon admitted sheepishly, tapping her two pointer fingers together.

“Ya can’t win like this. There’s like twenty more hours of gettin’ some special weapons and gettin’ yer levels higher!”

Moon groaned, leaning against Guzma. “I’ve played over eighty hours already…”

Guzma stiffened a little at the contact but stayed put.

“I tried to get one of those weapons and I kept dying,” Moon continued. “Can you get them for me?”

Guzma sighed, but starting playing the game himself, occasionally asking Moon questions to figure out exactly how far behind she was. Time flew by, Guzma accomplishing a lot with the small girl cheering him on, neither of them noticing it had gotten dark until Moon’s mother checked in on them.

“Guess I’d better get goin’,” Guzma stretched and got to his feet.

“Where are you staying now?” Moon asked.

“I’m crashin’ at Hala’s place,” Guzma yawned.

“Come back tomorrow, OK?”


Around the same time Guzma was back to assist Moon again, getting a kick out of just how into she got into the game’s story and combat. He even got used to her grabbing him during some close calls when a lot of progress could easily be lost.

Moon’s mother was happy to see how the two got along unexpectedly well, being so kind as to bring them easy to eat snacks so they could keep playing.

Eventually the day came when at last Guzma was ready to face the final boss, yelling at Moon when she accidentally bumped the controller out of his hands in excitement, making him mess up a quick time event.

He quickly recovered and managed to deal the finishing blow, complete silence in the room as Moon watched intensely to see what the fate would be of the characters she’d become so fond of.

“That’s… So sad!” She had tears in her eyes to see one perish. “I wanted them all to be happy forever now!”

“Don’t always work like that…” Guzma replied, unaffected before setting the controller down. “Alright, I beat it for ya.”

“I’ve got a lot of other games! Lets play a different one when you come back!”

Guzma hadn’t planned to; he thought this was it, and yet he found himself agreeing. He almost expected Moon to even say she didn’t want him over now that she got what she wanted out of him. Having someone simply want his company was quite the new experience.

The next day Moon’s mother heard an even louder ruckus than ever before coming from Moon’s room. Guzma had quite the powerful voice that carried well, but this was extreme even for him.

“No! No! You’re cheating!” Moon shouted accusingly.

Guzma was laughing. “You just suck! I told ya I’d beat ya someday! …Just didn‘t expect it to be at video games.”

“It’s bad luck! Rematch!”

“I beat ya like ten times already!”


“Hahaha! Look at ya pouting!”

“I’m not!”

Moon’s mother opened the room to see Guzma had her daughter in a gentle headlock, giving her a noogie through the thin fabric of her hat, stopping at once and letting her go once he noticed her.

“Sounds like you two could use a break from the games,” Moon’s mother commented kindly as her daughter re-adjusted her hat. “Guzma, you should have dinner with a us for change.”

“…Thank you… Ma’am…” Guzma replied stiffly. Despite coming to hang out with Moon he really hadn’t said much besides casual greetings to her mother. She seemed nice enough, though.

Guzma sat at the table, feeling very much out of place as dinner was served. He couldn’t help but notice some rather special looking china cups and plates had been set out, all with different cat Pokemon on them and silverware with cat ears at the end to match.

Moon had Skitty and Delcatty designs, her mother, unsurprisingly, had Meowth and Persian, while Guzma was given Purrloin and Liepard.

While Guzma was looking his over he failed to notice Moon look at her mother in surprise and the small nod she got in response.

“...Y’know, I’m surprised ya didn’t pick Litten as yer starter,” Guzma couldn’t help mentioning to Moon.

Moon giggled. “I was going to! But then Rowlet was so cute I had to choose him! I’m glad I did… Incineroar is kind of scary… I’ve never seen you use any of the starters that Hala gives out. Who did you pick?”

“None of ‘em! ‘s Always been me and Golisopod!”

The two of them meeting was a day Guzma remembered vividly as he shared his tale. Although he’d always been a fan of bug Pokemon, Guzma had never intended on one being his first. He was nearing the age where he could start his Island Challenge and couldn’t wait. The problem was choosing his starter… He’d thought about it over and over but none of the three seemed right for him.

One afternoon on his way home from school Guzma had heard a commotion. He saw a small group of boys and girls standing together, looking at something on the ground. When he went to investigate Guzma went from calm to spitting mad to see they’d managed to corner a poor Wimpod who was trying desperately to find a way to escape and dart into a hole.

The boys were throwing rocks or poking at him with sticks while the girls shrieked, saying he was gross, and one even insisting that they kill him.

Kicking, punching, shoving… In a flash Guzma was after the boys, getting them to stop, the girls running after they saw him beating up their friends. The Wimpod had already been too injured to run away at this point, trembling violently with tears in his eyes as Guzma approached.

Speaking quietly and gently was something Guzma wasn’t too good at even then. It took that and a few soft pets to an uninjured area to convince the Wimpod Guzma meant no harm, relaxing as the young boy picked him up and ran him to a Pokemon Center.

Guzma stayed close by the whole time the Wimpod was being treated, thrilled when it had been restored to full health and OK’d to be released back into the wild. There was just one problem… He didn’t want leave Guzma.

After the Wimpod continued to just stand there in front of him Guzma tried to simply walk away.

Skitter skitter skitter.

He heard the Wimpod following behind him so he picked up his pace.


So did the Wimpod, bumping into Guzma’s heel when he abruptly stopped. He turned and looked down to see the Wimpod gazing up at him, eyes filled with adoration. Guzma felt his heart melt. He didn’t care what anyone else thought; this Wimpod was the best Pokemon he’d ever seen and they were sticking together.

It cost him the rest of his lunch money for the week, and it was more than necessary, but Guzma went all out and bought an Ultra Ball for his new companion upon returning to the Pokemon Center. The Pokemon instantly allowed himself to be captured, the ball not even shaking once. Guzma was in disbelief when he picked up the Pokeball. This Wimpod saw something special in him to deem him worthy of being his trainer and he wasn’t going to let him down.

Moon and her mother couldn’t help smiling at Guzma. Moon had known for a fair amount of time that Guzma wasn’t all bad and now her mother was understanding why her daughter was so fond of him.

“It must have been tough to train him, though,” Moon replied. “Wimpod run away from battle pretty fast once they‘re hit.”

Guzma nodded. “True that. Had ta keep given ‘em pep-talks or let ’em watch me battle with a different Pokemon once I caught more. I was so excited when he evolved! Couldn’t believe how big he got! Did ya ever catch one? Ya should train it!”

“I did! It was really hard to catch!”

“Did ya sneak up on it?”

“I outran it with Tauros!”

“Ya probably scared it half to death…” Guzma felt terrible imagining how the tiny Pokemon must have felt seeing a huge raging bull charging after it.

Guzma really had a soft spot for his Pokemon. As they all ate Guzma and Moon swapped stories of their adventures, Moon’s mother fascinated by everything they’d experienced.

Guzma made sure to compliment Moon’s mother on her cooking; it really was the best meal he’d had in quite some time. Despite having so many members of Team Skull not a single one of them was very skilled in cooking, which caused some interesting results if they tried to use anything more complex than a microwave (although even then one of the Grunts managed to start one on fire when he didn‘t add water to his ramen). “These’re some fancy plates too.”

“We haven’t taken them out in awhile…” Moon’s mother smiled sadly. “They’re part of a limited edition set of four that were very hard to get, but Moon’s father managed to find them. He thought they would be perfect for our family, since we always planned on having two children, but then he got sick…” She shook her head. “With you spending so much time here I thought it was about time they get used again. Moon told me you have a Liepard you use sometimes so I thought it suited you.”

Guzma had no idea how to respond. So that’s why he never saw Moon’s father around; he always assumed that he was away for work or was a Pokemon trainer himself, never that he’d passed away. He wondered how old Moon was when it happened and if she even remembered much of him. Not sure the proper way to ask, Guzma held his tongue.

“You’re welcome here any time, Guzma,” Moon’s mother said. “Moon won’t admit it but she’s been lonely with Lillie gone, Hau away training, and her other friends have seemed busy lately too.”

“Mom!” Moon turned a little red in embarrassment. There were plenty of kids around who liked her and that she could hang out with; just not a lot who’d been a big part of her adventures during her trials and could relate to what she‘d gone through.

Guzma didn’t have much to do when Hala wasn’t helping him train. He kept it to himself, but he was having a great time whenever he visited. Despite the age difference he supposed that Moon could be considered a friend and it was nice to kick back in a relaxing home with kind mother and no yelling or violence…

Christmas was coming up. Guzma had indeed accepted the invitation he was given by Moon’s mother and shown up nearly every day to their house, even if it was just for lunch or dinner, but he didn’t realize he was considered to be a part of the family until he was asked what his plans were for the holidays.

Guzma had tried to reconcile with his parents, but it hadn’t gone well. He got along fine with his mother; the problem was she had her head in the clouds and didn’t want to believe he’d been up to anything bad. She also didn’t want to discuss how out of hand his father’s anger could get, despite being witness to the physical altercation that had caused Guzman to run away.

In fact, Guzma very nearly got into another fight with his dad after being criticized.

“So you couldn’t cut it out in the real world by yourself and came running back here? How did I raise such a failure?”

Guzma wasn’t the little boy who had to just take it anymore. His fist was raised, and his father flinched, remembering what happened last time, but instead Guzma left. This time, he had no plans of returning.

With spending it with his parents out of the question, Guzma was instantly invited to spend Christmas at Moon’s house, her mother even knitting him a sweater that he wore when the three of them had a picture taken that would be used on the Christmas cards they’d send to their friends and family.

“Guzma, have you been behaving since you disbanded Team Skull?” Moon asked while they were sitting at the table together drinking Tapu Cocoa with a bit of peppermint added. Nowadays her mother made sure to keep a large stock of it in the cupboards.

“Fer the most part,” Guzma answered before he took a sip of his drink. With the antics of Team Skull in the past he was just considered rude, obnoxious, loud, and intimidating; not a criminal that was doing anything illegal.

“Then maybe you’ll be OK… You did have all the stolen Pokemon returned…” Moon seemed to be thinking out loud to herself.

“What’re ya talkin’ about?”

“Maybe Santa won’t leave any coal in your stocking.”

“Right, kid,” Guzma snorted, thinking Moon was joking with him.

“You’re not worried?”

It was then Guzma noticed the genuine concern in her expression. “Don’t tell me ya…” He paused when Moon’s mother frantically waved her arms from behind Moon to get his attention, then nodding with a pleading look in her eyes. He couldn’t believe it; she actually still believed in Santa. “…Nah, it’ll be fine.”

Come Christmas morning Guzma was visibly nervous. He wasn’t good at gift giving, but had tried very hard. Upon opening the gifts Moon and her mother got him he felt like he‘d really dropped the ball, loving the ten Net Balls Moon got him and the brand new jacket with a Beedrill on it her mother gave him since he wasn’t fond of the emblem on his current one, crossing it out with a large red x. Guzma planned to dump it in the trash immediately and wear his new one wherever he went.

For Moon Guzma was worried his gift was too silly and cheesy. There was no doubt between the two of them they’d always be partners at the Battle Tree, but Guzma did get a little perturbed whenever he saw someone else try to ask her to battle with them. He knew the answer would always be “no”, but he decided it might be nice to have something matching to show it would stay the two of them.

Guzma had long abandoned his Team Skull chain. He missed wearing a necklace, deciding to replace it, which was when inspiration struck. He got a gold chain on it with a gold “G” for him and another with an “M” for Moon while he was at it.

Although it was a bit gaudy and big on her, Moon seemed to like it just fine, promising to wear it.

Moon’s mother had been a little tricky, so Guzma was relieved when Moon suggested they buy her an expensive gift together. She seemed to know just what to get, indeed the charm bracelet being the perfect choice.

With gift exchanges out of the way Guzma felt himself relaxing. That hadn’t been so bad, and now he could enjoy the rest of the day with such a huge worry off of his mind.

A few weeks later it was a typical day like any other. Guzma got scolded by Hala for being lazy and sleeping in too late, did a few chores to make up for it, and went on his way to Moon’s house for lunch.

There on the door was a note in very neat handwriting that was signed by Moon‘s mother:


Had to step for a little while and Moon isn't home. Please come in and make yourself comfortable; I have some food made for you to heat up in the microwave. Be back soon!

Guzma let himself in, giving Meowth a pat on the head before making his way to the kitchen. His mug and some silverware were waiting for him at the table, and his personal plate was right there when he opened the fridge with a meal for him. He put it in the microwave and leaned against the counter while he waited.

It felt strange to be eating here all alone in silence. Moon was always a little chatterbox with an endless stream of various subjects to talk about or questions she wanted to ask him. He chuckled to himself about how the thought of Moon used to make him slam his fists into the chair arms at Shady House, but now had a calming affect on him. Funny how things worked out like that.

All he was going to do next was wash his dishes and maybe go home since no one had returned yet. A simple, mundane, everyday task he thought nothing of. He stood up from the table, grabbing his plate, mug, and eating utensils.

He was at the sink when Guzma felt the plate slip from his hands. It was like the world was moving in slow motion and yet he still wasn’t quick enough to grab it before it hit the floor and shattered into what looked like hundreds of pieces. It was impossible to tell it once had images of Purrloin and Liepard on it. It was just a mess of shards now.

For a moment all Guzma could do was stare in disbelief until the reality of what had happened set in. His stomach dropped, his heart sped up, and the urge to punch something flowed down into his balled fists.

He shut his eyes and gripped his hair instead, tugging at it until the pain was too much. This time he’d really messed up. There was no fixing this. From what Moon’s mother had said there was no way he could even go out and easily find a replacement. Chances were slim that someone in Alola owned the same plate he could purchase and it would be impossible to get a new one anyway before Moon’s mother returned home.

Guzma felt his old habit of wanting to run away overtake him. He was shaking and breaking out into a sweat as he imagined what would happen. There was no way Moon’s mother wouldn’t be devastated. He could just picture the woman who’d been so kind to him, and whom he felt like was his own mother, looking at him with disgust and telling him to never show his face here again.


He hadn’t bellowed those words in ages. They slipped from his lips involuntarily. He would hurry and clean up the plate, then get as far away from here as he could and never come back. That way he’d never have to see Moon’s mother sad, hear her chastise him in anger over the horrible thing he’d done.

“Guzma?! I heard you shout!” With a bag in her hand Moon’s mother had rushed into her home, hearing Guzma clear as day as she’d been approaching the door. “What happened?” she asked when he looked at her with such despair in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Guzma repeated those words over and over again as he cowered on his knees, seeing his dad standing in front of him instead. “It was an accident!”

Alarmed, Moon’s mother set the bag on the table and slowly approached Guzma. She’d never seen him like this before, so rattled and vulnerable looking. Normally he was also so cocky and confident; now he almost seemed like a young boy.

She soon noticed the porcelain on the floor when she heard a small crunch under her foot, lifting her shoe to see she’d stepped on one of the scattered shards. “Did something break?”

Guzma’s eyes went wide as he stared at her, horrified. He was back out of his old memories now, realizing he was about to make a painful new one. It took a moment to find his voice, but at last he said it: “I-I busted my plate.”

“You didn’t cut yourself, did you?” Moon’s mother asked, concerned.

Guzma shook his head, studying her expression carefully. Where was that look of disappointment? Why wasn’t she furious and berating him for being so stupid and clumsy? It was a precious gift her late husband gave her that was now gone forever. “I’m sorry,” he said again, unable to think of anything else. It had never worked with his dad, and yet he still had to try.

“It’s alright. Is this what you’re so upset over?” Moon’s mother crouched down.

“Yer husband gave you that and I… Do you hate me now? I’ll stay away if you…”

Guzma twitched when Moon’s mother suddenly embraced him. She held him to her tightly, gently stroking his hair. After a moment he couldn’t stop from hugging her back; it still felt strange for someone to make physical contact with him in ways like this instead of striking him with their fists or objects. He couldn’t even recall the last time someone embraced him.

“You’re a part of this family now and it will take a lot more than a broken plate to change that,” Moon’s mother soothingly assured. “I’m so sorry that you thought otherwise.”

“But what if I can’s find you another one? Then…”

“Then you don’t. There’s only one Guzma and he’s much more important.” She continued to calm him down for as long as he needed, letting go only when he did. She saw he still looked rattled from what had happened, so she decided to try and lighten the mood. “This is far easier to clean up than what Moon did when she was four.” She chuckled. “I got her a toy Seel and she decided she want to make it use “Whirlpool”. She placed it in the toilet, flushed, and couldn’t catch it before it went down the drain. The bathroom floor was flooded and going out into the hall before I finally noticed! When children suddenly go quiet they’re always up to something!”

Guzma laughed; that sounded like something Moon would do and he couldn’t wait to tease her about it later. Although… “Can we not tell her about this?”

“It’s our secret.”

“Where is Moon, anyway?”

“Oh, off on some business as Champion. She was called away all of a sudden and I noticed too late I was out of Meowth’s favorite treats. He scratches things he knows not supposed to out of retaliation if I don’t give him one. That’s where I was.” She stood up with Guzma. “I’ll get a broom and dust pan.”

“I should clean it up.”

“I think you should sit down; you‘re shaking like a leaf. I’ll take care of this and we can have our own visit. We’ve never gotten the chance to speak one-on-one.”

It wound up being the heart-to-heart Guzma had needed. Moon’s mother was open and honest about hiding how nervous she was about letting him around him her daughter and even apologized for that. Now, she was grateful to have him around and regarded him as that second child she’d always wanted.

Moon never returned home that day, but it was for the best. Guzma went back to Hala’s place early, the Kahuna noticing that Guzma seemed different and leaving him alone.

A week later Guzma knew right away something was up as Moon opened the door to greet him before he even had his foot on the first step. Her usual cheerful smile was even bigger than usual as she held the door open and beckoned him inside.

Before he could ask what she was so dang excited about Guzma found himself in a room full of his former Grunts along with Plumeria, Kukui, Hala, and Hau there. Upon looking harder he even spotted Nanu by himself in the back of the room, petting the household Meowth rather than paying any attention. On the table sat a large cake and hung on the ceiling was a banner that read “CONGRATULATIONS!”

“The heck’s all this about?!” Guzma exclaimed.

Moon could hardly contain herself, unable to keep still as she held a small box in her hands. “Remember when I was gone for a little while and Mom didn’t tell you exactly where I was?”


Moon handed him the box. “Open it!”

Guzma looked at her a moment, then at the others who had their eyes fixed on him, before lifting the top off. Inside was a Z-Ring. “What’s this for?”

“You’re the new Bug Trial Captain!”

“What?!” This had to be a joke; a bad one.

“You’re the best, Guzma!” a former Grunt cheered, the others joining in with similar statements.

“I ain’t never completed the Trials and I’m too old!”

“You were on board with breaking traditions, yeah?” Kukui asked. “Besides, it’s hard to say “no” to Moon!”


Moon nodded, Guzma looking at her with gratitude. “You deserve it!” Plus, she’d heard about what Guzma had done to the previous Bug Trial captain in a fit of rage over wanting the position. He had only recently gotten out of the hospital and no one else seemed too eager to take his spot. “You’ll make future trail goers really work hard to get that Z-Crystal!”

“Heck yeah I will! I’ll have ‘em-”

“No,” Plumeria interrupted sternly.

“Ya didn’t even-”

“I know exactly what you’re thinking. No.”

Yeah, she knew him far too well. Having kids in situations where they could wind up severely injured or worse probably wasn’t he best idea. He’d have to sit down and really think hard about his trial challenge.

“I’m getting too old and tired of being a Kahuna,” Nanu finally commented. “If you do well maybe you’ll get chosen to take my spot and I can finally live in peace.” As for his Dark Z-Crystal, he could just have it sitting outside with a sign that said Take one and have the Meowths guard it.

A chance at even being a Kahuna…? This was way too much. Guzma felt a bit dizzy as his party kicked off, everyone continuing to offer kind words of support and assuring him he deserved it.

Plumeria suddenly approached him, standing quietly with her arms crossed as the two tried to figure out what to say to one another.

“…That’s a lame looking hat,” Guzma remarked at Plumeria’s new fashion choice.

“You’ve always looked ridiculous in those glasses,” she shot back, the two then laughing, Plumeria even smiling slightly. “I missed you, you big dope.” She playfully punched his arm.

“Yeah? Let’s hang later.”

A little bit concerned over how interested Nanu seemed in her mother, Moon took awhile to notice Guzma had vanished. She couldn’t find him anywhere in the house which was when she noticed Meowth looking out the window, always a step ahead.

Sure enough, Guzma was out sitting on the porch, needing to take a breather. It had been awhile since he’d been in a house full of people with all the attention on him.

“With me bein’ a Captain and all I might be around as much…” Guzma said as Moon sat beside him.

“…Yeah…” Moon acknowledged sadly. “But you’re going to do a really good job and I’ll come by and see you. Where do you think you’ll have your trial?”

“Po Town’s still abandoned. A few of the Grunts even want to help out and Plumeria was talkin’ about bein’ roommates again.” He noticed that, even though this was all her doing, Moon seemed close to crying. “Hey, I’ll come back here too. ‘sides…” He struggled to get the words out. “…I can’t let my ma and little sis worry about me.”

A smile lit up Moon’s face as she suddenly hugged Guzma. With no one else around he didn’t hesitate to hug her back either, the tiny girl practically disappearing in his arms. Moments later, there was a suddenly flash, startling the two of them.

Hovering front of them was Rotom, who appeared to have taken a picture.

“The heck did ya do that for?!” Guzma snarled. “Delete that right away!”

Rotom buzzed. “I thought I should commemorate the occazzzzzion. The Commentzzz are already pouring in!”

“C-comments?” Guzma leaped to his feet at once, grabbing the Pokedex. “DID YOU UPLOAD IT SOMEWHERE?!” he roared into it.

Sure enough, there on the screen was Moon’s Trainerspace page, Guzma’s face going as white as his hair when he saw that she had, oh, only a few thousand friends on it. There directly at the top of her page was the photo Rotom had just taken of the two of them.

Guzma was ready to show Rotom just what he did to machines that ticked him off, but was shocked when the comments had nothing but positive things to say. Instead of ridiculing or making fun of him, people were pleasantly surprised at seeing this new side of Guzma. He spotted ones from people he knew.

Oh, are you having Mr. Guzma’s party? Lillie wrote. Please tell him I’m sorry I couldn’t be there, but I’m happy for him!

You two are just darling! from Professor Wicke.

My heart’s melting, yo! Never knew Guzma could smile like that! from a former Grunt.

(♥ω♥ ) ~♪ from Red, who was a man of no words even in text.

Guzma looks fun to hug! from Acerola.

He couldn’t find a single negative comment no matter how much scrolled. Guzma let go of Rotom so suddenly that the Pokedex nearly fell to the ground, instead recovering and zooming behind Moon’s back to hide.

“Guzma…?” Moon noticed his pensive expression. Was he still mad, or…?

He gave her the kindest, gentlest, most sincere smile that Moon had ever seen.

“I wasn’t ready; I’m sure he could take a better photo of us,” Guzma replied as he retook his place next to her.

Moon nodded in agreement. It had taken some time, but she liked the man that Guzma was becoming. She was certain that one day he would indeed find favor with guardian deities and become one of the best Kahunas Alola would ever see.
Guzma's Second Chance
Takes place post game with Moon as the protagonist. A buddy story with her and Guzma where she just wants the best and for him to be happy. Guzma finds out what it feels like to truly belong somewhere and dreams he thought would never come true become a reality.
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