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Huh. I posted about this elsewhere yesterday but forgot to here. Bleh.

In case you've never seen me mention it before, I am a Dietary Aide at a hospital.

Our Dietary Director is a fucking idiot. Since the kitchen has a reputation as being a hell hole we have a hard time hiring new employees. This time we only got one applicant, who happened to be an older volunteer at the hospital. Since I'm sure the Director has seen him around, plus there was the interview, she should have been able to tell this man was not right for the job, especially since he has trouble hearing, is super clumsy, and looks like he can barely walk.

Quick note before I go any further: I honestly know that this was not entirely this man's fault, but I am only human, so of course I'm going to be frustrated. If I come across sounding too harsh on him, please just understand I was as polite as could be to him and showed zero sign of just how upset I was. Also, the fact that I was in the middle of my 18 days straight working did not help (One week to go now!).

Anyway, beginning Friday I saw the stupid Director bitch had wrote me in to train him starting that day without even asking me. That happened to be the day I was working a 13 hour shift (six of it with him). It was officially his first day of training, but he had been around seeing what we do and trying to learn it a bit. However, he seemed to have retained none of it so I was showing him every step of the way what to do.

The first thing that pissed me off: He acted like he already knew everything and kept interrupting me with either "Uh-huh", "OK", or "Sure". When I asked him to repeat what I just showed him he couldn't do it. I even practically shouted at him to make sure he heard me loud and clear because his hearing is honestly that bad.

He has bad habits. I had to tell him repeatedly not to touch the silverware on the parts patients eat off of. He kept touching his face so I had to tell him to wash his hands constantly and had to keep watching him because he wouldn't stop doing it. I told him he had to use gloves with anything that was going into someone's mouth and he couldn't remember that. Also, he'd wipe his face with his gloves and I had to tell him to change them. At one point he got Ranch Dressing on his thumb, licked it off, and I had to to tell him to go wash his hands again.

This all repeated Saturday. He remembered nothing of what I showed him Friday, despite the fact I went over the job description while we did everything since that's what helped me to remember what to do.

Then, right at the end of the shift, he fell. Into my leg. He was fine but I was in so much pain and beyond frustrated that I just burst into tears. I went to the ER with this massive red mark on my leg. I'll be OK but he really nailed the bone right under my knee, which is why it still hurts and it will for the next few days according to the doctor. I had it elevated with ice all day when I got home which was super boring.

Thankfully, since I threatened not to come in today if Roger did, he'd been called and told to stay home. Where was Director bitch during all this? She took some vacation and holiday time and wouldn't pick up the phone. This is her fault that this has happened. I do feel bad for Roger, but I cannot work with someone who is that hazardous. It's not fair to me either.

Today the Director actually stopped in to write down what had happened and it seems Roger's been canned. However, I need to speak to Employee Health about this well on Monday, I guess. What a freaking mess. Oh, and the part that makes my blood boil is that apparently Roger is still getting paid for today for reason. He nearly breaks my leg and gets paid for it. Bull. Shit.
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